Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gary Soto Garage

This is a project I did for my Visual Development class, in which we were required to read a couple short stories and a poem by Gary Soto, and then illustrate an environment from them. We were able to choose between designing a kitchen or a garage, and I chose to go with the Garage.
The concept for my garage was to show Gary aging as a small child to an adult. In the first view of the setting, he enters screen right as a small child (4 or 5) and as he walks across screen, he ages until he exits screen left and a full grown man. I imagine this being used for a 2D animated something-or-other.
In the 2nd view I wanted to portray a sense of longing to just fly right out of the garage, and into the open outside world.
This was my 3rd time using photoshop to paint, and I had a lot of fun figuring out how to use that crazy tool.

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