Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Couple Blasts from the past

These are a few paintings I had done a couple years ago that were a big step in motivating me to do the kind of work I do now.

This one was inspired by geometric shapes and equations, and is portraying the concept of paint vs. line. Because of the pastel colors, I like to call this one; "Would you like some whipped cream with that?" (Oil on Canvas 30"x40")

I painted this with one my dearest friends Emma Rose Laughlin! It was a live painting for Iguanas open mic night, and its called; "Fatty Freckles and Twinkletoes"
(Acrylic and mixed media on canvas 48"x48")

This is one of my favorites, and is currently hanging at Satori Tea Co. downtown! Its based off of Rorschach Blots, so for the process I made over 100 ink blots (below are my favorites) and then chose one to base the painting off of. I went with a more circular-ribcage-esque one.
(Oil and sprinkles on canvas 24"x48")

Monday, March 5, 2012


Here are some of my favorite pages from my sketchbook last semester!

For this study of the Arctic Hare, I drew the bunnies above on the left side of the spread, then on the right side (below) I cut out bunny shaped holes, spread tracing paper over the holes, and drew their skeletal structures on the tracing paper. When the page is turned over on top of the original bunnies on the blue background, the skeletons become an overlay so I can see where the skeletons fall on the rabbits.


This one was draw on vintage wallpaper.

For these next two, it was hard to show with the scans, but the colored portions of the trees are three-deminsional and pop up off of the page.

The Squirrel skeleton on the page below was adapted from a rat skeleton by using individual squirrel bones as reference.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


These were my Day and Night forests for a class dedicated to trees. I painted these with acrylics, and UV light reactive paints.

We were to come up with a theme for each painting, the theme for my day forest was "Neighborhood". So I came up with characters to live in all of the trees in my forest, some of the most important ones being Windsor Squirrel, who lived in the Lacey Oak and was a General in the Great Bipedal War, recently deceased. The other- Alexander Bunny, who lives in the Redwood, is a college graduate, and generally thinks himself better than everyone else.



The theme for my Night Forest was "Magic Mushrooms", and the story told here is how the recently deceased Windsor Squirrel died. Alexander Bunny moonlights as a magic mushroom harvester, and gives them to Windsor Squirrel to supposedly "calm down his post traumatic stress." However, in a fit of rage on a bad trip, Windsor Squirrel hangs himself.


Night under UV light

Windsor Squirrel and Alexander Bunny
Day Forest under UV light showing the late Windsor Squirrel

Windsor Squirrel under UV light

Some Catching up to do.

Here is a building I designed for one of my intermediate illustration classes.