Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Last weekend I went to a punk show in Downtown San Jose. People started thrashing around forming a mosh pit of sorts (as they do at these things), and in my attempt to move out of the way I got thrown back and hit my head on the concrete. I lost consciousness and wound up in the hospital. All in all, I am lucky to walk away with a simple concussion, some mild side effects, and a good story.
I don't remember much of what happened, but I wanted to record the images and feelings I could remember after hitting my head. I mean, how often do you get an opportunity like this? These are the results.
As I was working on these I found that my head ache was coming back, I was getting dizzy, and an overall feeling of panic was setting in. It was fascinating, and I'm glad I thought to record these feelings.
(These drawings were the ones to end my current Sketch Journal, I'll be doing a post on that sometime soon.)
Red Ceiling

Blue Ceiling



  1. these are stunning! and oddly scary.

  2. Love that you thought to do this. Love the imagery too.

  3. wow! which punk show did you go to? was it at Finca Mission? House of the Dead Rat?

    1. it was at The Rock Shop, Stickup Kid, Forever Temp, Kill the Bats, and Point of View were playing