Thursday, March 1, 2012


These were my Day and Night forests for a class dedicated to trees. I painted these with acrylics, and UV light reactive paints.

We were to come up with a theme for each painting, the theme for my day forest was "Neighborhood". So I came up with characters to live in all of the trees in my forest, some of the most important ones being Windsor Squirrel, who lived in the Lacey Oak and was a General in the Great Bipedal War, recently deceased. The other- Alexander Bunny, who lives in the Redwood, is a college graduate, and generally thinks himself better than everyone else.



The theme for my Night Forest was "Magic Mushrooms", and the story told here is how the recently deceased Windsor Squirrel died. Alexander Bunny moonlights as a magic mushroom harvester, and gives them to Windsor Squirrel to supposedly "calm down his post traumatic stress." However, in a fit of rage on a bad trip, Windsor Squirrel hangs himself.


Night under UV light

Windsor Squirrel and Alexander Bunny
Day Forest under UV light showing the late Windsor Squirrel

Windsor Squirrel under UV light

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